Organizational Assessment


We assess, design and make the most out of your organizational structures. We assess organizational structures by our established methods that provide clear input and decision material to the organizational development process.  

The results

  • Organisational efficiency
  • Organisations aligned to strategy  
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improved quality levels


Strategy Development

We develop new strategies, make them come alive and follow up the results. A strategy should provide a clear direction that aligns the organization and employees. We have methods for designing and implementing strategies that unleash your organization and put you ahead of competition.

The results

  • Strategic alignment across the organization
  • Employee commitment
  • Improved competitiveness




Market Analysis


We conduct benchmarking analysis, opportunity analysis and competition analysis to provide market and business insights. Our market research provide great insights by relying both on qualitative and quantitative methods of retaining input.  With solid market insight business leaders can better understand customer demands, competition and future trends, and thus make better decisions.        

The results

  • Capture market potential
  • Satisfy customer needs
  • Retain competitive advantage


Change Management


To realize the full potential of any change initiative we support you in the implementation. Our tools and structures for change management are well documented and utilize the best of different philosophies. We never assume that one customer's needs is the other alike. Therefore we carefully address each customer's unique challenges in every project that we engage in.